C3 旺气牛牛礼盒 Huat ah~Gift Box – Sweet Celsius Patisserie
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C3 旺气牛牛礼盒 Huat ah~Gift Box

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  • 夏威夷果巧克力曲奇每口都香脆
  • 玛德琳蛋糕口感松软香甜,加上凤梨夹心更有年味
  • 元宝马卡龙让你两手元宝发大财
  • 咸蛋蜜糖玉米片,脆脆香甜
  • 牛和元宝钻石饼干更有仪式感
  • 加上香脆又Q的雪花酥 

我们的饼都是手工自造, 用好的材料, 没有防腐剂.

赶快送到你家人朋友手中, 祝大家今年旺气牛牛

Feel Bored eating Biscuit all the way?
Worry no more, Huat ah~Gift box have variety of biscuits and desserts:

  • Macadamia Choco chips cookies, every bite also crunchy and full of macadamia taste.
  • Madeleine Cake are so fluffy and yum, now come with Pineapple paste in the middle make sure you "Ong Lai"
  • Yuan Bao shaped Macaron make sure all the fortune in your hand!
  • Salted Egg Honey Cornflake, Crunchy and tasty!
  • Cow year ofcos there are Cow Biscuit to celebrate with
  • Snowflake Nougat are Chewy Crunchy Nutty Good!

Make sure you Deliver this gift box to your client or loved one to Huat together!

What's Inside

  1. 一罐夏威夷果巧克力曲奇150g+-
  2. 两片玛德琳蛋糕凤梨夹心
  3. 两块元宝马卡龙
  4. 三块咸蛋蜜糖玉米片
  5. 一片牛和元宝钻石饼干
  6. 两块雪花酥

  1. 1 Jar Macadamia Chocolate Chips Cookies 150g+-
  2. 2 pcs Snowflake Nougat
  3. 3 pcs Salted egg honey Cornflake
  4. 2 pcs Yuan Bao Macaron
  5. 2 pcs Madeleince with pineapple
  6. 1 pcs Cow and Yuanbao Biscuit

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